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2009/05/26 00:24
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Top 10 Axanar Stories of 2017
Axanar Response to Annual Report Analysis
Annual Report
Axanar's Chances on Appeal
Axanar Assures Donors Lawyers Will Stay for Appeal
Ares Digital 3.0b Drops into Public Beta
Why Ares Digital 3.0, Two Months Late, Still Isn't Ready
Ares Digital 3.0 Gets a Launch Timeline
Axanar Scrambles to Ship Perks
Peters Launches Patreon to Keep Georgia Studio Afloat
Axanar Pulls Up Stakes for Move to Atlanta
Axanar Aims for Winter Shoot, Comic-Con 2019 Premiere
Website Sells Axanar Merchandise for Big Potential Profits
AxaMonitor's Adventures at Axacon
Peters to Open Axanar Finances to Limited Inspection
Axanar Fan Convention Expected to Lose Money
Why We Refused to Remove Redacted Axanar Financial Info
Axanar Accuses Horizon of Buying Views
Axanar App Removed from iTunes Store
The State of Axanar
Contradictions Arise in Patreon, OWC Studios' Sponsorship
New Timeline for Axanar Lite Premiere: Comic-Con 2020
Denouncing Detractors Provokes Powerful Funding Feat
Opposing Bloggers Debate Impact and History of Axanar
Debate Focuses on AxaMonitor as Cause for Trek Fans' Rift
Axanar is Broke, Peters Claims
Court Grants Studios' Request for Axanar Financials
Axanar Tries to Rally Fan Films to Its Proposed Guidelines
Axanar Indiegogo Details
Axanar, Studios Settle Lawsuit
Meet the Daily Blogger Critiquing Leaked 'Axanar' Script
Axanar Trailer Removed After Criticism
Axanar Continues Public Appeal for Donations
Ares Studio Patreon a Bait-and-Switch?
Suing Burnett Creates Battle Lines Among Axanar Loyalists
Axanar Public Relations Director Resigns Amid Turmoil
Peters' Bluster Brings $15,000 Legal Challenge
For the Love of Spock: Let This be Their Last Battlefield
Bloomberg Article Elides Important Axanar Facts
Peters Threatens Legal Action Against 'Prelude' Blooper Reel
The Case For and Against Dismissing the Tardigrades Suit
Director Burnett Resigns from Axanar
Burnett Attorney Demands Peters Refrain from Defamation
Peters Proposes Settling with Former Axanar Director
The Art and Science of Buying YouTube Views
Axanar's Claims in New Captain's Logs
Official Star Trek Fan Film Guidelines
CBS Officials
Change in Character
Motion to Compel Discovery
Copyright Infringement
Fool Me Once, Shame on You
Crowdfunding Platforms
December 2017 Axanar Donor Update
Harassment Accusations Against Axanar Critic Backfire
Peters Claims Spurious Victory in Burnett Lawsuit
Axanar Wants Summary Judgment, Says Studios ’Squashing Creativity’
Direct Financial Benefit
Court Orders Studios to Turn Over Documents
Plaintiffs Oppose Dismissal Motion
Defense Replies to Support Dismissal
What's Behind All the Simultaneous ‘Prelude’ Tweets?
Court Orders Peters Deposition, Other Plaintiff Requests
Endgame II: The Settlement
Judge's Ruling on Evidence More Tentative Than Thought
Judge Rules Documents Must be Filed Without Redaction
Axanar Seeks to Exclude Major Evidence, Witnesses
Trial Balloon for Axanar Funding Fails to Fly
Judge Denies Axanar Its Fair Use Defense
Meet the Fan Editor Who Made 'Prelude: Redux'
Examining Axanar's Claims About Infringement, Damages
CBS Licenses Star Trek Fan Film Academy
Axanar Supporters’ Report Critiques Fan Film Guidelines
Peters Admits Ownership Interest in Georgia Coffeehouse
Federation Falling?
Financial Report Delay Shines Light on Management Issues
What's Behind Resignation from Axanar Financial Review?
Committee Reviews Only Part of Axanar's Finances
What's Behind Fan Film ‘Gag Order’ at Star Trek Las Vegas?
Gerrold Repudiates Axanar Slur
Crowd Fund for Axanar Expenses Abruptly Ended
‘Prelude’ Director's Deposition Raises Big Issues
CBS Official Explains Fan Film Guidelines
Guidelines Aftermath
The Public Interest Behind Private Guidelines Talks
Skin in the Game
Trial in Peters' Prop Sale, Defamation Lawsuit Set for 2020
Why Star Trek–Horizon’s Success Matters
'Axanar' Co-Writer Says Peters Lacked Producer Experience
Axanar Co-Writer Announces Departure
Peters Accused of Taking $94K from Enterprise Model Sale
Axanar on List of 100 Cultural Moments of Past Decade
AxaMonitor's Illustrated Guide to the Axanar Lawsuit
The Incredible Shrinking Studio
Axanar's Crowdfunding Effort to Save Studio Lacks a Crowd
Twisted Path to Discover Axanar's Studio Ownership
‘Intrepid’ Suspends Production
Investor Group Plans to Buy Axanar's Studio Assets
Writer Paul Jenkins to the Rescue?
Discovery-Axanar Speculation Fuels Spurious Debate
Trial Schedule
Axanar Studio Crowdfunding Campaign Begins March 20
New Court Filing Coming, Axanar Surrogate Says
Judge Avoids Klingon Language Copyright Issue
Knowing Infringement?
Paying for Axanar Lite Delayed by Late Ares Digital
Peters Falsely Accuses Guidelines Leaker
Litigation Hold Served on AxaMonitor, Fan Film Factor
The 'Locked' Axanar Screenplay: A Review
Axanar's Abandoned Former Studio Continues to Flail
Is Axanar Moving to a Smaller Warehouse or Not?
Former Axanar Chief Technologist Deposed
Former Axanar Officer Served with Subpoena
Misinterpreting Patreon Data
Plaintiffs: Peters Withheld Trove of Email
Peters Prepares to Wage Legal War on More Critics
AxaMonitor's New Fact-Checking System
Peters' YouTube Partnership with Controversial GamerGater
Axanar Launches New Fulfillment Platform
Axanar Leasing Warehouse in Lawrenceville, Georgia
AxaMonitor Newsletter
Kickstarter Deletes Axanar Spam, Peters Suspends Refunds
Axanar: Nonprofit No More; Short Films May ‘Take Years’
Older News Items
Older News Items 2
Older Items 3
Was Ex Parte Ruling an Axanar Victory?
Contradictory Details Emerge in OWC Sponsorship
Ares Studio Patreon Faces Crucible
Axanar's Ares Studio Patreon Continues to Slide
Marathon or Sprint? Examining the Ares Studio Patreon
A Missed May Target, a Moving Patreon Goal Post
Patreon Progress Slows Precipitously
Has Ares Studios Passed Peak Patrons?
What's Up With the Perks?
Peters' Update on Shipping Axanar Perks
Peters Admits Studio 'Not the Best Call'
Hero Prop Makes Tactical Legal Move Against Alec Peters
Peters Wades Into Salary, Profit Debate
Attorney's 'Out of the Box' Effort to Settle Outrages Peters
Peters: I Don't Own ‘My’ Prop and Costume Collection
Axanar Aiming for Appeals Court Victory
Peters Plans to Keep Finances Secret for Axanar Short Films
Peters Sues Former Axanar Director in Georgia Court
Plaintiffs Answer Counterclaim
Axanar Removes Public Fundraising Plea — Sort of
Podcast: Financial Audit, More Subpoenas
Amid Pokey Patreon, Peters Concedes Loss of Warehouse
Actors Cast Doubt on Axanar Threat Over Blooper Reel
The Story Behind Prelude to Axanar's ‘47 Awards’
Fan-Edit of 'Prelude' Eliminates Alec Peters
New Version of 'Prelude' Redux Released
Prelude to Axanar
AxaMonitor Privacy & Cookie Policies
Axanar Film Must Wait for Patches' Delivery to Donors
Donors Complain Company Spammed Using Axanar List
Axanar Aims to Reassure Donors About Perks, Lawsuit Prospects
Planning for Worst in Patreon Effort to Save Axanar's Home
Examining Reel Trek Claims by Peters
Peters Foresaw Studio Failure, Created Georgia Company
Former CTO Leaks ‘Fully Revised, Locked’ Axanar Script
Lawyer Decries Defamation as Questions Multiply in Suit
Not Much Progress Toward Settlement
Where Do We Go From Here?
The Legal Merits of Peters' Settlement Offer
Axanar Settlement Talks Fizzle, Seeking Summary Judgment
GoFundMe Seeks $25K for Seuss-Trek Mashup Defense
Kickstarter Campaign Launches for Fan-Published ‘Discovery’ Book
Star Wars Fan Film Makes Axanar-Like Kickstarter Appeal
Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing?
Bookseller Pulls Axanar Merchandise
Loss of Warehouse Spurs Donations
Why CBS Shut Down Fan-Made Enterprise-D 3-D Simulation
Axanar's Frustrating Search for Space to Store Sets
Axanar's View of the State of the Suit
Documents Reveal Axanar's Secret Corporate Structure
Filings Shine Light on Weaknesses of Axanar Defense
Foundering Patreon Prompts Feel-good Coverage
Thin Financial Report and a New Crowdfund Campaign
Alec Peters Strikes Deal with Studio Landlord, Moving Out
Peters' Personal Spending Spurs Axanar Accounting
Judge Cancels Summary Judgment Hearing
Plaintiffs Cite Peters' Shocking Personal Spending in Asking Judge for Summary Judgment
Defense Gives Up on Disputed Star Trek Copyrights
Former Axanar Director Won't Accept ‘Sweetheart Deal’
The Shoe is on the Other Foot
Tardigrades Case in Danger of Dismissal by Appeals Court
Indie Gamemaker Sues 'Discovery' for Stealing His Ideas
Tardigrades Copyright Lawsuit Gets off to Rocky Start
Tardigrades Developer Raises Stakes in 'Discovery' Lawsuit
Tardigrades Creator Appeals Star Trek Copyright Dismissal
Desperate Plea for Help from Tardigrades Creator
Tardigrades, CBS Attorneys Work Out Discovery Dispute
CBS: Tardigrades Creator ‘Manufactured Similarities’
Tardigrades Developer 'Devastated' by Discovery Copying
Plaintiff: Discovery, Tardigrades Virtually Same Production
CBS Attorney Slams Tardigrades' Lack of Legal Foundation
CBS Asks Judge to Dismiss Copyright Case Against Discovery
Judge Wants Evidence Discovery Creators Saw Game
Copyright Lawsuit Names Discovery Writer as Possible Link
After Trouble with CBS, 51-Minute Fan Film Sees Release
Terry McIntosh Resigns
The Wrap
A Kids' Book for Understanding Axanar Finances, Indiegogo
New Website Discloses Secret Axanar Documents
Tony Todd Wants Axanar to Stop Using Him to Sell Merch
Axanar, Crowdfunding Behind New CBS Moves Against Fan Films, Says 'Horizon' Creator
Tony Todd
November-December Top 10 Articles
Peters Auctioning Off Canadian Trek Museum Holdings
Questions Over Axanar-Backed Trek Museum Fundraiser
Past, Present and Future in Axanar's Wake
TrekZone Spotlight Interview
Attorneys Focus on Axanar Jury Selection
Peters Hedges His Bets on Ares Warehouse
Which Kobayashi Maru?
Winston & Strawn
Studios, Axanar Release Trial's Witness List
Peters' YouTube Retaliation Backfires Over Mignogna Scandal