EVER SMALLER After using up all donors’ money without producing Axanar, Alec Peters used Indiegogo proceeds to move to Atlanta. He raised and lost corporate sponsorship from Other World Computing and turned to fans again to help him move.

FEBRUARY 10, 2019 | 2 MIN READ

The Incredible Shrinking Studio

For Second Time in Two Years, Peters Must Move to Smaller Warehouse, with Fans Paying

Alec Peters’ has conceded he will never raise the $4,000 a month he needs in time to keep the warehouse once known as OWC Studios. The space available for Axanar has shrunk since he lost Industry Studios in California in 2017.

Spring Move

Moving into the new warehouse was scheduled for May 1. Peters will have to disassemble and move the nearly completed bridge set. He estimated rent, utilities and other costs for what will be known as Ares Studios will total $2,500.

NOT ENOUGH Axanar supporters point to their climbing Patreon numbers but don’t make much about the trend showing there won’t be enough of them to meet Alec Peters’ $4,000 a month goal.

Patreon and YouTube Paying

Patreon and YouTube income is what Peters hopes will sustain the new facility. On Saturday, Patreon income rose by $11 to $1,443, with three new donors for a total of 157. He also claims YouTube brings in $1,200, for a monthly grand total of $2,643.

Volatile Revenue?

Meanwhile, Peters’ challenge will be to keep his donors happy. On Patreon, successful creators offer patrons a consistent stream of quality content month after month.

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