After days with zero or negative growth, writer-director Paul Jenkins’ appearance spurred only two new donations to Ares Studios’ Patreon for a total of $7. Click graph to view full size.

FEBRUARY 26, 2019 | 2 MIN READ

Writer Paul Jenkins to the Rescue?

Axanar’s writer-director didn’t give much of a boost on Monday’s live chat to help studio Patreon effort

Former Marvel comics writer Paul Jenkins’ appearance on February 25’s Axanar: Confidential didn’t do much to help producer Alec Peters’ Patreon effort to get fans to pay for his warehouse.

  • About 110 fans tuned in for the livestream on YouTube last night. Not many of those, nor the people behind more than 1,400 more views by today, ended up contributing to the Patreon. That despite repeated pleas from Peters and his surrogate, blogger Jonathan Lane.
  • Axanar’s third director: Jenkins, of course, is the third person to take the helm of Axanar after Prelude to Axanar director Christian Gossett, who testified against Peters in the CBS lawsuit, and editor-director Robert Meyer Burnett, whom Peters is currently suing.
  • About Jenkins: He’s the well-known writer of “Wolverine: Origin” for Marvel, and he rewrote Peters’ scripts for the two Axanar shorts. He’s an Atlanta-based British comic book writer, screenwriter, novelist, and narrative director. Learn more »

Why this matters: Peters’ Patreon has relied in the past on his livestreams to drive people to make donations to support his warehouse, where the Ares bridge set is stored. Also, falling audience numbers affect his ability to raise money directly on YouTube. He’s counting on these two volatile revenue sources to keep his warehouse afloat.

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