FEBRUARY 20, 2019 | 2 MIN READ

Is Axanar Moving to a Smaller Warehouse or Not?

Peters and Lane Keep Contradicting Themselves and One Another About Pending Warehouse Move

Was Alec Peters lying when on Reel Trek February 8 he said he’s planning to abandon the 6,000 square foot warehouse he now calls Ares Studios in favor of a nearby facility half the size?

Contradictory Warehouse Stories

  • Contradicting Peters statement was blogger Jonathan Lane, who continues to tell Patreon supporters there's hope Axanar will stay in the current warehouse.
  • Proving Alec’s decided to move: Lane claims AxaMonitor is trying to prove Peters intends to move to the smaller studio in order to convince potential donors the Patreon needs no more money. “Alec is already at his goal,” Lane accuses AxaMonitor of saying, “no need to donate any more.”
  • Simply quoting Peters: Rather than trying to prove anything, all our coverage did was quote Peters’ announcement on Reel Trek. You can watch it here for yourself.
  • Peters’ exact words: “We are set to move to a smaller, brand new building, right next door, in May,” he writes on the Axanar blog.
  • The right move: “We really think moving into the smaller facility, no matter how much money we make, is the right move,” he says on the February 8 Reel Trek.
  • Bait and switch: And yet, in a Patreon update video posted February 15, Peters makes it seem as if the studio he shows off in the video is the one patrons will be paying for.
  • The smaller warehouse is only big enough “for the bridge [set] and storage,” Peter says.
  • Not enough room for the other two disassembled Axanar sets, the captain’s quarters and corridor, he admits.

Why it Matters

Peters and his key spokesman can’t seem to get their stories straight, so exactly what are patrons going to be paying for? The large warehouse with all the amenities Peters’ February 15 video touts or the smaller one that barely houses more than the Ares bridge set?

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