BETA TEST PROBLEMS identified by testers called for a lot of user interface changes to fix what would’ve been an unwieldy login and registration process for the late Ares Digital 3.0. Image/Fan Film Factor

APRIL 20, 2019 | 2 MIN READ

Why Ares Digital 3.0, Two Months Late, Still Isn't Ready

Alec Peters explains why the data platform on which Axanar depends is so late

UPDATE User interface. Ares Digital 3.0’s innards may be working but beta testers found some challenges in its user interface, according to an interview on the Fan Film Factor blog run by Axanar surrogate Jonathan Lane.

Lane had identified a variety of user interface problems making the system difficult for donors to use — “things like the log-in and registration needed some overhauling in order to minimize frustrated e-mails to customer service asking some very basic questions,” he said.1)

In that interview, Peters wouldn’t give Lane a new ETA for the system, saying, “That depends on [the developer’s] speed and availability, and how fast you beta test, Jonathan! But we’re really close.”2)

He admitted, “You helped us solve a bunch of potential problems that we hadn’t previously thought about.” Ares Digital 3.0 is the system he’s counting on to raise even more money to pay for Axanar Lite, and to deliver perks to donors from at least three previous crowdfunding campaigns.

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