Documents Reveal Axanar's Secret Corporate Structure

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AxaMonitor has obtained documents revealing Axanar Productions’ corporate structure, exposing its surrogates’ false statements and shining a light onto facts about producer Alec Peters’ company that had been obfuscated by its spokesman.

Axanar Productions Inc.

Axanar Productions was registered in California in February 2015 as a for-profit corporation, entity No. C3760442 (not a limited-liability company, or LLC). State law requires corporations to file a Statement of Information listing the corporation’s:

  • Principal place of business.
  • Corporate officers (e.g., chief executive, secretary, chief financial officer).
  • Board of directors, including all directors who are also officers.

‘Axanar Productions Inc.'s corporate officers, shareholders and directors are all Alec Peters.’ Corporate Statements of Information

STATEMENTS OF INFORMATION Documents filed by Alec Peters reveal him as an employee, sole shareholder and sole member of Axanar’s board of directors.

Naming Names

Peters filed the statement later that year, just 20 days before he was served with a copyright infringement lawsuit on December 30, brought by CBS and Paramount Pictures for appropriating the studios’ Star Trek intellectual property.

According to that 2015 Statement of Information, Axanar Productions Inc.'s corporate officers, shareholders and directors are all Alec Peters. An updated statement filed by Peters himself February 2, 2017, indicated no change in Axanar’s corporate structure.

This despite the attempt by Fan Film Factor blogger Jonathan Lane, often an Axanar surrogate, to portray the company as an entity with a slate of directors on its board, and that Peters has no ownership interest in the production. Lane has written:

Alec Peters
  • Peters is not an employee of the company, despite IRS requirements that corporate officers providing major services to a corporation be treated (and taxed) as employees. Peters is listed as an independent contractor in the FAQs on Axanar’s website, and despite his own admission he works full-time as an executive producer with complete authority over company finances.
  • “Axanar Productions does indeed have a board of directors,”1) leading readers to believe the company had multiple shareholders and directors. In fact, documents show Peters is the only one.
  • “Alec does not own Axanar Productions and has never claimed to.”2) The corporate filings reveal otherwise. With a board consisting of only one director Axanar can therefore have only a single shareholder, according to California law.3)
    Jonathan Lane

Refusal to Provide Information

Lane has claimed he had access to Axanar’s financial records and was familiar with its corporate organization. But when asked to confirm Lane’s assertions, Axanar spokesman Mike Bawden flat-out refused to do so, despite the correct information appearing in publicly accessible documents.

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