trekcetera_closed.jpgHAPPIER DAYS Alec Peters and Axanar supporters tried to help this Canadian museum stay in business but it ultimately failed and closed in December 2018. Here’s a CBC story about the museum. Image/Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

MAY 11, 2019 | 2 MIN READ

Peters Auctioning Off Canadian Trek Museum Holdings

Despite Axanar’s help, Trekcetera closes, its holdings for sale … by Axanar’s Peters

Auctioning museum holdings. Axanar producer Alec Peters and his supporters led a successful crowdfunding effort to save the Trekcetera Museum in Canada, only to see the place shut down. But Peters got to take advantage of the opportunity to auction off the museum’s holdings of memorabilia from Star Trek and other media.


Peters told Axanar: Confidential viewers May 6 he was heading to Canada to oversee photographing and cataloging the museum’s holdings on the weekend of May 11-12, 2019, to prepare them for auction.

The museum tried to make a go of it by leaving its original home in Vulcan, Alberta, in favor of the larger nearby town, Drumheller. Despite its popularity — making it into Travel Advisor’s top 10 museums in Canada — the museum never brought in enough revenue to restructure its debt in order stay open.

Rebranding rural communities

Trekcetera was part of an effort by many rural communities in North America to shift from an agricultural economy to one benefitting from the more lucrative tourist industry. Here’s an academic paper about the phenomenon, citing Trekcetera as an example.

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