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Past, Present and Future in Axanar's Wake

In a three-part podcast, AxaMonitor editor Carlos Pedraza joined Australia’s TrekZone presenter Matthew Miller to examine fan films’ history and future in the wake of Axanar’s lawsuit.

'From There to Here'

“From There to Here” is a special presentation on the TrekZone Spotlight in three parts:

  1. The History of Fan Films. Pedraza reminisced about his time as a writer-producer on Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, the fan series that ran for seven seasons and 50 episodes, and spawned two other series and audio dramas.
  2. The Axanar Lawsuit. Miller and Pedraza how the Axanar lawsuit came about and how it changed the landscape of fan films.
  3. The Future. What challenges lie ahead for the slimmed-down version of Axanar allowed to be produced under the lawsuit settlement? And how will other fan films navigate this new territory?

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Part 1

Part 2

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