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MARCH 15, 2019 | 2 MIN READ

Peters Plans to Keep Finances Secret for Axanar Short Films

Despite previous financial problems Axanar producer says he doesn’t want ‘people mucking up in my business’

No financial accounting: In this week’s Axanar: Confidential, producer Alec Peters tells viewers not to expect financial reports on the long-awaited Axanarshort films despite him seeking other people’s money to fund the production.

Alec Peters

Information Blackout

Peters says he’s not interested in having his spending examined by anyone:

« We’re not going to tell you what budgets are going for, where [the money’s] going or how we’re spending it. … I don’t need anyone mucking up in my business. » — Alec Peters, Axanar: Confidential

Private Fundraising

Under terms of the settlement with CBS and Paramount in their 2015 copyright infringement suit against him, Peters can’t raise money for Axanar publicly. He needs about $250,000 in private funding raised by direct contact with fans — money there’s no way to account for without him volunteering financial data.

Previous Financial Record

Peters’ intentions stand in direct contrast with his previously avowed dedication to openness and transparencyabout Axanar’s finances. His previous financial reports to donors were devoid of documentation and raised serious questions about accountability.

FAST FORWARD TO 42:15 in Axanar: Confidential episode 8, where producer Alec Peters explains he won’t be sharing financial information about the forthcoming Axanar films. Source/Axanar YouTube channel

No Scrutiny

Peters especially wants to keep CBS from knowing what he’s doing, saying, “I don’t want CBS’ lawyers saying, ‘you can’t do this, you can’t do that.’”

  • Standing by the settlement: “I know what the settlement says,” Peters explains to viewers. “I’m going to live by the settlement.”

Why it Matters

As he prepares to embark on yet another campaign to raise money from fans to pay for his production, Peters now promises even less accountability than before. Crowdfunding donors have received virtually no documented accounting for where their $1.2 million went — other than not for production of the Axanar feature film.

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