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2019/02/23 13:07
References for:
Ares Digital 3.0b Drops into Public Beta
Why Ares Digital 3.0, Two Months Late, Still Isn't Ready
Ares Digital 3.0 Gets a Launch Timeline
AxaMonitor's Adventures at Axacon
New Timeline for Axanar Lite Premiere: Comic-Con 2020
Ares Studio Patreon a Bait-and-Switch?
Suing Burnett Creates Battle Lines Among Axanar Loyalists
Peters' Bluster Brings $15,000 Legal Challenge
Burnett Attorney Demands Peters Refrain from Defamation
Peters Proposes Settling with Former Axanar Director
Peters Claims Spurious Victory in Burnett Lawsuit
Trial in Peters' Prop Sale, Defamation Lawsuit Set for 2020
Peters Accused of Taking $94K from Enterprise Model Sale
The Incredible Shrinking Studio
Paying for Axanar Lite Delayed by Late Ares Digital
Litigation Hold Served on AxaMonitor, Fan Film Factor
Is Axanar Moving to a Smaller Warehouse or Not?
Peters Prepares to Wage Legal War on More Critics
AxaMonitor's New Fact-Checking System
Peters' YouTube Partnership with Controversial GamerGater
AxaMonitor Newsletter
Contradictory Details Emerge in OWC Sponsorship
Ares Studio Patreon Faces Crucible
Axanar's Ares Studio Patreon Continues to Slide
Marathon or Sprint? Examining the Ares Studio Patreon
A Missed May Target, a Moving Patreon Goal Post
Has Ares Studios Passed Peak Patrons?
Hero Prop Makes Tactical Legal Move Against Alec Peters
Attorney's 'Out of the Box' Effort to Settle Outrages Peters
Peters: I Don't Own ‘My’ Prop and Costume Collection
Peters Plans to Keep Finances Secret for Axanar Short Films
Peters Sues Former Axanar Director in Georgia Court
Amid Pokey Patreon, Peters Concedes Loss of Warehouse
Examining Reel Trek Claims by Peters
Lawyer Decries Defamation as Questions Multiply in Suit
The Legal Merits of Peters' Settlement Offer
Loss of Warehouse Spurs Donations
Foundering Patreon Prompts Feel-good Coverage
Former Axanar Director Won't Accept ‘Sweetheart Deal’
Tardigrades Case in Danger of Dismissal by Appeals Court
Tardigrades Creator Appeals Star Trek Copyright Dismissal
Desperate Plea for Help from Tardigrades Creator
Tardigrades, CBS Attorneys Work Out Discovery Dispute
CBS: Tardigrades Creator ‘Manufactured Similarities’
Tardigrades Developer 'Devastated' by Discovery Copying
Plaintiff: Discovery, Tardigrades Virtually Same Production
CBS Attorney Slams Tardigrades' Lack of Legal Foundation
Peters Auctioning Off Canadian Trek Museum Holdings
Peters Hedges His Bets on Ares Warehouse