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October-November Top 10 Articles

SECRET TROVE of Alec Peters’ emails uncovered during depositions spurred a flurry of pre-trial activity in the copyright suit he faces from CBS and Paramount in the most-read articles on AxaMonitor the past month. Also, our new Fact Check series continued to attract more readers. And: Our other site stats and Top 10 Tweets. The countdown »

UNDER WRAPS Alec Peters’ lawyers failed in their attempt to keep anyone other than attorneys on both sides from seeing the financial records Axanar turned over in discovery.

10. Court Grants Studios' Request for Axanar Financials
9. Examining Axanar's Claims About Infringement, Damages
8. Former Axanar Chief Technologist Deposed
7. Explainer: Motions for Summary Judgment
6. Endgame II: Producer Makes Predictions About Axanar Settlement
5. Court Orders Studios to Turn Over Documents
4. Plaintiffs: Peters Withheld Trove of Email
3. Crowd Fund for Axanar Expenses Abruptly Ended
2. Peters Admits Studio 'Not the Best Call'
1. Axanar Settlement Talks Fizzle, Seeking Summary Judgment

* The list does not include the AxaMonitor home page and news digest, which is normally the most visited page on the site.

The Next 10 Stories
Here are the next 10 most popular stories on AxaMonitor this past month:
11. The Axanar Timeline
12. Kickstarter Deletes Axanar Spam, Peters Suspends Refunds
13. Was Ex Parte Ruling an Axanar Victory?
14. Court Orders Peters Deposition, Other Plaintiff Requests
15. Axanar (Film)
16. Facebook Glitch Slays Axanar Producer and Spokesman
17. Peters Wades Into Salary, Profit Debate
18. Plaintiffs Cite Peters' Shocking Personal Spending in Asking Judge for Summary Judgment
19.Axanar Merchandise/Donor Store
20. Fan Films React to New Guidelines

MOST-READ The story behind actor Tony Todd's departure from Axanar remains the most popular article we’ve published to date.

The Numbers

Since AxaMonitor launched in February, we’ve had 27,194 readers visit 64,090 times, reading 111,306 pages.

Biggest day this month: Friday, November 4, on which readers focused on two stories:

  1. The aborted attempt by Axanar surrogate Jonathan Lane to raise $45,000 on GoFundMe to keep the lights on at Industry Studios, presumably because the production has no more of the $1.5 million it raised.
  2. Producer Alec Peters told a Los Angeles Comic Con panel he regretted how money he raised for Axanar led to mission creep and a ‘bad call’ on a three-year lease on a warehouse he had built into a commercial studio.

Top Tweets

With a Twitter audience in excess of 99,100 this past month these were @AxaMonitor‘s top tweets:

@AxaMonitor Tweets

  1. Oct 28 — Apparently impossible for reporters to get info w/o being employed by plaintiffs’ lawyers. #Axanar’s mad about this.
  2. Oct 31 — Court grants CBS/Paramount’s request for second @AlecPeters deposition after discovery of undisclosed emails.
  3. Oct 31 — Court orders @startrekaxanar to submit log of attorneys’ communications prior to #Axanar #copyright lawsuit.
    A SHILL? Alec Peters can’t believe reporters can find information without being paid by plaintiffs.
  4. Oct 29 — BREAKING Judge grants CBS/Paramount request to remove #Axanar financial info’s “highly confidential” status, filed (under seal) w/the court.
  5. Nov 4 — In video from Stan Lee’s LA Comikaze, @AlecPeters admits to #Axanar mission creep & building studio was ‘bad call.’
  6. Nov 3 — In one word, what @AlecPeters means when he tells #Axanar fans to manage expectations about possible #copyright lawsuit settlement.
  7. Oct 31 — Our #developing article for news about judge granting most of CBS/Paramount requests for #Axanar info. Will update.
  8. Oct 29 — Among revelations—In one court filing, #Axanar denied using Vulcan symbols on costume; withheld email shows otherwise. #copyrightinfringement
  9. Nov 4 — BREAKING $45,000 campaign to pay #Axanar’s expenses, led by surrogate blogger, abruptly taken down from GoFundMe.
  10. Nov 7 — If he’d put higher priority on making #Axanar, @AlecPeters says, it would’ve been ‘in the can & I wouldn’t be sued.’
  11. Nov 5 — At Comikaze event, @AlecPeters accosts @TheMarySue writer for #Axanar ‘hatchet job.’ (video)

Biggest Day

Biggest Day on Twitter this month, was October 28, the day we reported plaintiffs sought a second deposition of Alec Peters, confirming AxaMonitor‘s earlier report the Axanar producer had withheld documents that had been subpoenaed. The series of tweets on the topic that day garnered an audience of 9,550 (10 percent of total impressions for the month — more than three times the daily average).

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