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LAWSUIT PRIMER Get an overview of the copyright lawsuit, including a timeline of the case, as well as downloadable pleadings made by the plaintiffs, CBS and Paramount, and defendants Alec Peters and Axanar Productions Inc. » Lawsuit Primer

While no other attorneys have yet been announced for any of the‭ 'Doe’ defendants‭, ‬who have yet to be named by the plaintiffs‭, ‬Axanar producer Alec Peters has hinted a second law firm may be joining the case‭.1) However‭, ‬he has provided no details‭.‬

The‭ ‬Unanswered Questions‭ ‬section features opinion or informed speculation‭.

Unanswered Questions

‬Who is the unnamed second legal team Peters says will be joining the case‭, ‬and to what ends‭?‬

Federal Court2)
  1. Representing Additional Defendants‭?
    ‬For Peters and‭ Axanar Productions, securing legal representation is certainly newsworthy but raises still more questions than it answers‭. ‬For example‭, ‬potential conflicts of interest mean it’s not likely‭ Winston & Strawn can represent the 20 Does cited in CBS’ complaint‭, ‬so is this new legal team intended to represent those people‭ (‬yet to be named‭)?

    ‬If the answer is no‭, ‬or even just some‭, ‬then those additional defendants have been left by Peters to twist in the wind‭, ‬personally and financially liable for some measure of damages in the lawsuit ‬and open for CBS to co-opt to testify against Axanar‭.

  2. Another Legal Defense?
    ‬Another possible reason for bringing another legal team on board is that Axanar may be trying to set up another defense, ‬in addition to those mentioned so far by Winston‭ & ‬Strawn’s‭ Erin Ranahan.