LAST BATTLEFIELD A former Axanar supporter worries that, like the final two survivors of a planetary war in the Star Trek episode, “Let That be Your Last Battlefield,” enmity between the two sides of the Axanar controversy will win out over shared interest. Photo/Memory Alpha

Reader: Axanar Fractures Fan Community

Information Vacuum

Editor’s Note: I’m typically uncomfortable with publishing unsigned pieces. However, the author of this article, who asked to be identified only as “a multiple donor to Axanar,” voiced a dread I’ve heard a lot from readers and potential sources: Based on bad social media encounters in the past, they fear repercussions for speaking out against Axanar. I believe the author’s perspective, submitted using our Feedback page, was worth your time; many tell a similar tale. Please, if you have commentary you wish to send to us, or reactions to this article, contact us. — Carlos Pedraza, AxaMonitor editor


By Anonymous
AxaMonitor Contributor
November 27, 2016

I WANTED to write and thank you for the effort you’ve put into covering Axanar-related issues. I’m someone who jokes, “No, I’m on all the anti-social networks,” when someone asks me to ‘Like’ them or get in their timeline or whatever. Because of an unpleasant experience in years past, I keep a rather low social media profile.

Because of that, I don’t see a lot of information outside of the vacuum that is the Axanar Productions website (not a lot going on there) and the associated Fan Film Factor blog. I check AxaMonitor once when I wake up and then throughout the day to see what’s going on.

Hope and Disappointment

« My biggest disappointment is how [the Axanar case] has fractured the fan community. »Multiple donor to Axanar

I donated to both the Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns because I believed in the ‘prospectus’ that was Prelude to Axanar. I still hope to receive something beyond an envelope stuffed with patches, but every day brings either new hope, new disappointment, or both.

I’ve developed an opinion (which could certainly be wrong) that I’d find Alec Peters an unpleasant person if I ever met him, based on some direct emails between us as well as reading about the experiences other people have had when dealing with him.

Fractured Community

« It is hard to see how anything good will come out of this, no matter which side prevails. »

And I discovered the poorly done redactions in the copy of the summary judgment motion I downloaded from Fan Film Factor, so I must be one of those evil super-hackers they’re talking about. But I can set that aside and enjoy a quality product, if it ever gets made. I enjoy lots of entertainment and other things (software, etc.) made by unpleasant people.

My biggest disappointment (I can’t call it a regret because I didn’t cause it, I just watched as it happened) is how this has fractured the fan community, as well as the damage done to CBS, Paramount, Axanar and other fan projects. It is hard to see how anything good will come out of this, no matter which side prevails. This has all the signs of playing out like the ending of the TOS episode “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”.

Anyway, this has turned into a much longer ramble than a simple “thank you” note, so I’ll end here.

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