Jonathan Lane Apologizes on Facebook to Target of Trollhunters' Plots, Alec Peters' Ire

Editor’s Note
Jonathan Lane’s Facebook post in the Star Trek Fan Productions group is reproduced word-for-word, with subheadings added only to aid in readability.

This the full text of the apology from Fan Film Factor blogger and Axanar’s chief advocate to one of producer Alec Peters’ most ardent and longterm critics, Sandy Greenberg. This was originally posted on October 27, 2020, in the Star Trek Fan Productions group on Facebook.


ONCE AGAIN, I am posting a new top-line comment because there have been so many separate comments nestled in various places…a majority of them from Sandy Greenberg (a.k.a. Otto Fiid).

TO SANDY GREENBERG Sandy, if you are so baffled as to why I addressed a comment to Shawn O’Halloran directly, let me explain. Shawn actually had a real and tragic loss in his family, and it warranted a direct response. I also addressed Shawn directly because I had discussed him in blogs in the past, which is not something that ever occurred with you.

However, even though Shawn’s name was tagged directly, I already apologized to ALL people who were the subject of inappropriate Trollhunter comments, which included you. That has been pointed out to you by many people, including Justin Burton and Carlos Pedraza (whom I both thank for their clear-headedness throughout all of this drama). And yet you, Sandy, are apparently angry that I didn’t write out your name as well.

AVOIDING PETTINESS Now, if I wanted to be petty, I could match your indignation with some of my own. I could remind you that you were the one who laughed at and encouraged Terry McIntosh’s public plan on Axamonitor to humiliate my wife at her place of work. Remember that? Did you ever chastise Terry for calling my son a “trophy-child”? If so, I certainly don’t remember it.

I could also point out that I never ever encouraged threats against you, Sandy, nor against anyone else either publicly or privately. I haven’t made fun of anyone’s marriage, physical appearance, or employment status, created or used rude or crude nicknames/memes, or compared anyone to a Nazi. I have not brought anyone else’s wife and/or children into any comment I’ve ever posted, nor have I ever supported or gleefully “liked” or “laughed” at the comments of anyone who has chosen to do so.

SIMPLE APOLOGY Instead, I will simply apologize to you right now, Sandy, as you have requested. Alec’s comment about being too lazy to hire a hit man to kill you was in poor taste, and I do not support ever joking about death or murder. Likewise, any attempt to cost someone their job and/or livelihood, be it you or my wife or anyone, is never acceptable…even in jest. I apologize also to Jason Kovalik for the same reasons.

I already suspect that the above apology will not be enough for you or for many other people. You yourself have said publicly about me only yesterday, “I’m just raising a stink so I can rub his nose in his high and mighty behaviour.”

I cannot undo the past, nor will you ever care about or believe my explanations for my best intentions or thought process in these past years. So why exactly would I want to engage with you?

SHIFTING GEARS over to Shawn O’Halloran, he has apparently responded that he also wants something more from me regarding the Trollhunter logs. He is calling his recent posts of support and contrition a “Temporary Ceasefire” in the Axamonitor group. So it seems to me as though Shawn is making some sort of implied threat that, if I don’t take some unspecified action that he wants me to take, something bad will happen when he releases more of the Trollhunter chat logs.

I really don’t know how to respond to that or what he is asking for. Honestly, I don’t know what else I can say beyond what I have already said and done at this time. I’m out of Trollhunters. While I have heard there is a new group, I am not in it. I don’t even have access to the Trollhunter logs now to know what other things might have been said that I might not have even noticed or been a part of.

I’m not asking anyone to forgive or to forget. But we’re either slowly moving forward or we’re not. Carlos or Shawn, if there is something specific and reasonable that you would like to address, you can reach out to me and I will listen.

IMPLIED THREAT? For my own part, I didn’t take down my blogs about Shawn with the intention of re-posting them a week or two later if some “Temporary Ceasefire” ends, and I didn’t apologize to him expecting to take back that apology shortly thereafter. So I have no idea what a “Temporary Ceasefire” even means, but it certainly does not represent my own intention for trying to peacefully and slowly move forward and to focus on the things that truly matter.

FINAL THANKS Finally, I want to thank Carlos and Shawn and Justin for trying to correct a number misstatements that were carelessly made by some people on Axamonitor in the last week, including another false statement about my wife. However, it is clear that they can only do so much.

Unfortunately, I am sure this post will generate another round of comments, both vitriolic and reasoned. In the interest of full disclosure, please don’t expect more responses from me. The drama and the continuing false statements made about me in this group over the past week is exactly why I will not be responding to anything else from Sandy/Otto or anyone else for whom, I suspect, nothing I do will ever be enough. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. You can learn more about how we use cookies by reading our Privacy Policy, though cookies are not required to browse AxaMonitor. More information about cookies