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2019/02/09 21:40 Carlos Pedraza BKUiEtOALB0 AXACON REMEMBRANCE’Click here Image/Alpha Waves Radio | 3 MINS READING TIME AxaMonitor's Adventures at Axacon The So-Called Hidden Story Behind… , , , ,
2018/10/30 17:19 Carlos Pedraza BINDERS FULL of Axanar receipts and invoices were scheduled to be on display for just two hours for Axacon attendees. Image/Axanar Productions Peters to Open A… ,
2018/10/30 16:44 Carlos Pedraza Axanar Fan Convention Expected to Lose Money Ticket Price Slashed More Than 40% After Complaints, Sluggish Sales By Carlos Pedraza With weeks still to go…
2018/09/22 01:20 Carlos Pedraza The unfinished set of the U.S.S. Ares intended for the never-to-be-made Axanar feature film. Image/Axanar Productions Axanar Piggybacks Convention atop SphinxC… , ,