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 ~~socialite:​icon~~ <​WRAP>​ //​**__<​wrap em>​AxaMonitor'​s Latest News</​wrap>​__ **//  </​WRAP>​ ~~socialite:​icon~~ <​WRAP>​ //​**__<​wrap em>​AxaMonitor'​s Latest News</​wrap>​__ **//  </​WRAP>​
 +[[hutzel_enterprise|{{:​tribbleations.jpg|}}]] \\
 +**RAW DEAL?** A former Propworx employee says Axanar producer Alec Peters failed to pay the widow of deceased Emmy-winning VFX artist Gary Hutzel $94,400 from the sale of her husband'​s Enterprise model, which appeared in the //Deep Space Nine// episode, "​Trials and Tribble-ations."​ {{:​axamonitor-ico.gif?​nolink&​}} [[:hutzel enterprise|Read more »]]
 [[https://​us20.campaign-archive.com/?​u=2d0411ecf0787fd9d4dc8dc5c&​id=5bc820e2be|{{:​bawden_settlement.jpg}}]] \\ [[https://​us20.campaign-archive.com/?​u=2d0411ecf0787fd9d4dc8dc5c&​id=5bc820e2be|{{:​bawden_settlement.jpg}}]] \\