AXACON REMEMBRANCE In a November 11, 2018, interview on Alpha Waves Radio, AxaMonitor editor Carlos Pedraza recounts his experiences trying to cover Axacon, Axanar’s fan convention. Click here or on the image to listen. Image/Alpha Waves Radio


AxaMonitor's Adventures at Axacon

The So-Called Hidden Story Behind Axacon Actually Duly Reported Days After

Reporter’s Notebook
By Carlos Pedraza
AxaMonitor editor

I traveled to Atlanta in November 2018 to try to cover Axacon, the Axanar fan convention.

I say “try to” because I was summarily disinvited after purchasing a ticket. That wasn’t going to stop me; in the words of Captain Kirk in Star Trek III, “The word is no. I am therefore going anyway.”

Reporting on Axacon

My plan to publish a “reporter’s notebook” was unfortunately stymied by the holidays, work travel and pressing professional obligations that kept me occupied through mid-January.

Alpha Waves Radio

So I gladly accepted an invitation from Michael Hinman to appear on his show, Alpha Waves Radio, to talk about Axacon and Axanar. That show was broadcast November 11, about a week after Axacon. Watch here »

Guarding Against AxaMonitor
One poor Axacon volunteer was assigned as a guard specifically to keep me out of every panel.
Of the 22 hours of Axacon’s programming, I was eventually invited to attend one event, the final one of the con. A trivia contest. I did win a bag of the (in)famous Axanar coffee.

« One poor Axacon volunteer was assigned as a guard specifically to keep me out of every panel. » — AxaMonitor editor Carlos Pedraza

Barred From Event

Though I was shut out of virtually the whole event, I was invited to sit in on the trivia contest that was the last thing on the Axacon schedule. It was a generally positive experience, as was my encounter on Saturday night of the con at the hotel bar with a number of Axa-folk. Many were people with whom I’d previously had less-than-pleasant online tussles.


Since then, Axanar supporters have complained I haven’t written about my experience because heaven forbid I write something positive about Axanar. As you’ll hear in this interview, I shared my experiences — positive and negative — right after Axacon.


AXACON INTERVIEW AxaMonitor editor Carlos Pedraza appears on Alpha Waves Radio.

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