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2018/12/08 11:48 Carlos Pedraza Discovery By Carlos Pedraza Discovery, in the law of the United States and other countries, is a pre-trial procedure in a lawsuit in which each party, thr… , ,
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2018/08/05 23:54 Carlos Pedraza CASE STATUS January 20, 2017 Axanar settles its copyright infringement lawsuit, admitting it overreached; both sides file for dismissal of the case in U.S. Dist… , , , , , , ,
2018/07/08 01:00 Carlos Pedraza LACK OF SUPPORT Just as in Axanar’s failed 2017 Indiegogo campaign to save its beleaguered studio, a poll of its staunchest fans reveals little desire for a mon… , , , ,
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2018/06/17 12:41   TONY TODD left Axanar citing several problems with producer Alec Peters. Tony Todd By Carlos Pedraza Actor Tony Todd portrayed Admiral Ramirez in the sho… , , ,
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2018/04/01 14:19 Carlos Pedraza CBS Studios CBS Studios Inc., formally CBS Studios International, is one of the two named plaintiffs in the legal complaint against Alec Peters and Axanar Prod… , , , , , ,
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2018/03/05 22:52 Carlos Pedraza REDUCED TO RUBBLE Klingon disruptors cut through a Federation colony, sparking the war that would’ve been depicted in Axanar. (Photo/Prelude to Axanar, Axanar P… ,
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2018/02/10 09:37 Carlos Pedraza Photo/Casey Marshall Court Grants Studios' Request for Axanar Financials Axanar’s Attorney Opposes CBS, Paramount’s Request for New Peters Deposition By … , , , ,
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2017/11/17 17:54 Carlos Pedraza Winston & Strawn See also: Erin Ranahan, Erin Ranahan Interview and Loeb & Loeb Winston & Strawn LLP is the law firm defending Axanar Productions Inc., and it… , , ,
2017/10/31 01:26 Carlos Pedraza Alec Peters AXANAR PRODUCER Alec Peters is the executive producer of Axanar and Prelude to Axanar. He is the chief executive officer of Axanar Productions, Inc.… , ,
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2017/08/22 13:11 Carlos Pedraza New Website Discloses Secret Axanar Documents By Carlos Pedraza A trove of previously undisclosed Axanar data, including financial and donation records, i… , ,
2017/08/08 11:47 Carlos Pedraza CBS Licenses Star Trek Fan Film Academy New Voyages’ James Cawley Offers Fans a Filmmaking Experience Alongside Trek Professionals By Carlos Pedraza LAS … , ,
2017/06/20 20:32 Carlos Pedraza HAPPIER DAYS Prelude to Axanar director Christian Gossett poses with his cast of scifi and Star Trek alumni. Pictured from left: Kate Vernon, J.G. Hertzler, Gar… , , ,
2017/06/04 19:05 Carlos Pedraza Photo/Axanar Productions Fact Check Podcast: Financial Audit, More Subpoenas By Carlos Pedraza More subpoenas, a completed audit of Axanar’s books and who… , , ,
2017/01/27 11:08 Carlos Pedraza [Federal courthouse. Used under Creative Commons license.] LAWSUIT PRIMER Get an overview of the copyright lawsuit, including a timeline of the case, as well a… , , ,
2017/01/18 23:02 Carlos Pedraza CLOAKING A Romulan vessel hides by engaging its cloaking device. Image/Star Trek Online Axanar Seeks to Exclude Major Evidence, Witnesses By Carlos Pedraz… , , ,
2017/01/18 09:48 Carlos Pedraza Photo/Anita Gould Judge Rules on Excluding Evidence Federal Judge R. Gary Klausner ruled on pending motions by attorneys on both sides of the Axanar copyright… , ,
2017/01/16 09:56 Carlos Pedraza Filings Shine Light on Weaknesses of Axanar Defense Peters’ Attempts to Alter Financial Records, Improperly Use Abrams Testimony Criticized by Studios By … , , , , , ,
2017/01/08 20:55 Carlos Pedraza Judge Avoids Klingon Language Copyright Issue By Carlos Pedraza Despite a clever, headline-grabbing effort by the Language Creation Society to draw attent… ,
2017/01/06 13:30 Carlos Pedraza Graphic/Terry McIntosh Plaintiffs Cite Peters' Shocking Personal Spending in Asking Judge for Summary Judgment By Carlos Pedraza See also: Judge Denies A… , , , , ,
2017/01/05 12:14 Carlos Pedraza Photo/Memory Alpha Fact Check Axanar Assures Donors Lawyers Will Stay for Appeal Spokesman minimizes legal travails, Peters claims multimillion-dollar film ‘… , , , ,
2017/01/04 09:25 Carlos Pedraza Photo/Robert Couse-Baker Attorneys Focus on Axanar Jury Selection By Carlos Pedraza Both sides in the Axanar copyright infringement suit have asked for a… , , ,
2017/01/03 16:28 Carlos Pedraza [A scene from 'Prelude to Axanar'] Discovery-Axanar Speculation Fuels Spurious Debate Opinion By Carlos Pedraza AxaMonitor editor August 25, 2016 B… , ,
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2016/12/19 20:54 Carlos Pedraza Photo/Flickr/Stallio Judge Denies Attorneys' Attempt to Shield Evidence By Carlos Pedraza Main article: Parties in Axanar Case Oppose Summary Judgment … , , , , , ,
2016/12/14 23:44 Carlos Pedraza Photo/Phil Roeder Explainer Judge Cancels Summary Judgment Hearing By Carlos Pedraza See also: Plaintiffs Cite Peters' Shocking Personal Spending in Ask… , , , , , ,
2016/12/14 23:08 Carlos Pedraza WARHAMMER A December 2015 trip to London for a Warhammer 40K convention was one instance of international travel Alec Peters insisted was not paid for by Axanar… , ,
2016/12/14 13:39 Carlos Pedraza DERIVATIVE OR ORIGINAL? Is Axanar’s design for the bridge of its featured starship substantially similar to official Star Trek? That question goes to the heart … , , , , , ,
2016/12/14 13:37 Carlos Pedraza Photo/Axanar Productions Axanar Wants Summary Judgment, Says Studios ’Squashing Creativity’ By Carlos Pedraza See also: Plaintiffs Cite Peters' Shocking … , , , , , ,
2016/12/14 10:36 Carlos Pedraza Judge R. Gary Klausner Robert Gary Klausner is the United States federal judge overseeing Axanar’s copyright infringement case‭. ‬He serves on the U.S‭. ‬Distr… ,
2016/12/13 23:09 Carlos Pedraza Deposition Details Paramount's Minimal Role in Fan Films Document Reveals Direct Connection Between Axanar Case and Fan Film Guidelines By Carlos Pedraza … , ,
2016/12/10 22:20 Carlos Pedraza Paramount Pictures See also: CBS Studios Paramount Pictures Corp. (commonly known as Paramount Studios or simply Paramount), is one of the two named plaintiff… , ,
2016/11/30 06:24 Carlos Pedraza FROSTED TIPS Axanar producer Alec Peters answers questions in Second Life using an avatar in Next Generation-era garb and a hairstyle featuring frosted tips. A… , , , , , ,
2016/11/16 17:16 Carlos Pedraza Axanar Settlement Talks Fizzle, Seeking Summary Judgment Axanar Surrogate Reveals Defense Plans to File Motion By Carlos Pedraza See also: Motions for S… , , ,
2016/11/13 22:03 Carlos Pedraza Trial Schedule Plaintiffs and defense attorneys met with Judge R. Gary Klausner on May 9 for a conference to create a schedule leading up to a January 31, 2017… , ,
2016/11/13 00:27 Carlos Pedraza Former Axanar Chief Technologist Deposed By Carlos Pedraza See also: Former Axanar Officer Served with Subpoena SEATTLE — At the October 28, 2016, deposi… , ,
2016/11/05 20:21 Carlos Pedraza Photo/Gareth Courage Endgame II: The Settlement Editor’s Note: Hollywood producer Lukas Kendall posted an essay on TrekBBS in April whose summary on AxaMoni… , , , , , ,
2016/11/02 18:59 Carlos Pedraza Photo/Douglas C. Palmer Court Orders Peters Deposition, Other Plaintiff Requests By Carlos Pedraza Though he formally denied the plaintiffs’ emergency mo… , , , ,
2016/10/27 06:49 Carlos Pedraza Photo/Jeffrey Beall Examining Axanar's Claims About Infringement, Damages Does Fan Film Factor‘s Analysis Hold Up to Scrutiny? Analysis By Carlos Pedra… , , ,
2016/10/24 02:43 Carlos Pedraza CASE STATUS January 20, 2017 Axanar settles its copyright infringement lawsuit, admitting it overreached; both sides file for dismissal of the case in U.S. Dist… , , ,
2016/10/22 02:21 Carlos Pedraza Photo/Takashi Toyooka Court Orders Studios to Turn Over Documents By Carlos Pedraza See also: Motion to Compel Discovery In a decision issued just hour… , , ,
2016/10/22 00:34 Carlos Pedraza Motion to Compel Discovery By Carlos Pedraza See also: Court Orders Studios to Turn Over Documents and Protective Order Axanar’s attorneys sparred with C… , , , , ,
2016/10/10 20:44 Carlos Pedraza Fact Check Axanar's Claims in New Captain's Logs By Carlos Pedraza After a four-month pause in publishing his Captain’s Logs, Axanar producer Alec Peters res… , ,
2016/10/10 04:21 Carlos Pedraza Federal Magistrate Judge Charles F. Eick Charles F. Eick was appointed as a Magistrate Judge for U.S. District Court for the Central District of California in … , , , ,
2016/10/07 17:46 Carlos Pedraza Former Axanar Officer Served with Subpoena By Carlos Pedraza See also: ‘Prelude’ Director's Deposition Postponed Axanar’s former chief technologist, Terr… , ,
2016/10/06 04:17 Carlos Pedraza Photo/Trek.fm New Court Filing Coming, Axanar Surrogate Says Also, Peters Seeks to Smooth Kickstarter, Indiegogo Donors’ Ruffled Feathers By Carlos Pedraz… , , , , , ,
2016/09/27 03:11 Carlos Pedraza Graphic/Axanar Productions Fact Check Peters' Update on Shipping Axanar Perks See also: What's Up With the Perks? and Axanar Aims to Reassure Donors About … , , , ,
2016/09/27 01:10 Carlos Pedraza Axanar producer Alec Peters. Photo/Axanar Productions Fact Check Axanar's View of the State of the Suit By Carlos Pedraza New “Captain’s Logs” posted by Ax… , ,
2016/09/15 02:33 Carlos Pedraza Not Much Progress Toward Settlement By Carlos Pedraza CBS and Paramount Pictures don’t appear willing to cede any kind of business arrangement that would … , , ,
2016/09/10 20:05 Carlos Pedraza ["Seattle Intellectual Property Firm Founded By Timothy B McCormack," used under Creative Commons license] Fan Films: Breaking the Unwritten Rules and Defining… , , , , ,
2016/07/18 10:55 Carlos Pedraza Defendants' Answer LAWSUIT PRIMER Get an overview of the copyright lawsuit, including a timeline of the case, as well as downloadable pleadings made by the pla… , , , ,
2016/06/16 03:53 Carlos Pedraza Plaintiffs Answer Counterclaim CBS, Paramount Say Their Lawsuit Isn’t Over, Move on to Discovery LAWSUIT PRIMER Get an overview of the copyright lawsuit, incl… , , ,
2016/05/10 13:18 Carlos Pedraza Plaintiffs Oppose Dismissal Motion Main article: Lawsuit See also: Summary of the legal complaint, Motion to dismiss, Plaintiffs' attorneys APR. 11 — The at… ,
2016/05/03 04:29 Carlos Pedraza Scheduling Conference LAWSUIT PRIMER Get an overview of the copyright lawsuit, including a timeline of the case, as well as downloadable pleadings made by th… , , ,
2016/05/02 12:05 Carlos Pedraza Defense Replies to Support Dismissal Erin Ranahan See also: Axanar won't back down from dismissal motion (1701News) Axanar’s defense attorney, Erin Ranahan, fi… , , ,
2016/04/21 13:48 Carlos Pedraza Jonathan Zavin Jonathan Zavin Jonathan Zavin is an intellectual property attorney with the law firm Loeb & Loeb who has litigated scores of copyright and trade… , ,
2016/04/11 14:52 Carlos Pedraza Loeb & Loeb The law firm Loeb & Loeb LLP, headquartered in Los Angeles, is representing the plaintiffs, CBS Studios and Paramount Pictures in their copyright… , ,
2016/04/10 12:07 Carlos Pedraza Law offices of Axanar attorneys Winston & Strawn. Other Attorneys LAWSUIT PRIMER Get an overview of the copyright lawsuit, including a timeline of the case,… , , ,
2016/04/03 03:05 Carlos Pedraza Axanar Website's FAQ On April 2, 2016, Axanar published an updated FAQ on its website addressing production questions and the impact of the copyright infringem… , ,
2016/03/31 18:31 Carlos Pedraza Erin Ranahan Erin Ranahan Main article: Winston & Strawn See also: Possible Defenses: Erin Ranahan Interview, Crain's Business, Motion to dismiss Erin R. Ran… , ,
2016/03/29 11:11 Carlos Pedraza Examining the Case Law Behind the Motion to Dismiss UPDATE The defense filed a new Motion to Dismiss on March 28. It featured a few new arguments but largely… , , ,
2016/03/25 22:15 Carlos Pedraza Legal Defense {!stub:incomplete article requiring attention}} LAWSUIT PRIMER Get an overview of the copyright lawsuit, including a timeline of the case, as … , , ,
2016/03/25 21:53 Carlos Pedraza Axanar Productions Axanar Productions Inc. is one of the named defendants in the lawsuit brought by CBS Studios and Paramount Pictures for copyright infring… , , , , , ,
2016/03/06 00:04 Carlos Pedraza Erin Ranahan Interview LAWSUIT PRIMER Get an overview of the copyright lawsuit, including a timeline of the case, as well as downloadable pleadings made by t… , ,
2016/02/20 17:40 Carlos Pedraza Production Halted Did Axanar‘s director just let slip that production is on hold until the lawsuit is resolved? DIRECTORFree EnterpriseAxanar UPDATED 2/20/16 w… , , ,
2009/05/26 00:24   JUDGE DENIES defense motion to dismiss, citing Vulcan philosophy to state plaintiffs’ infringement case will ‘live long’ enough to seek to ‘prosper’ in court. … , , ,
2009/05/26 00:24 Carlos Pedraza Alternate Copyright Infringement Additional Star Trek IP infringed by Axanar but not yet named in legal complaint: * FASA Four Years War materials * Star … , ,
2009/05/26 00:24   Direct Financial Benefit See also: Judge Denies Axanar Its Fair Use Defense AxaMonitor‘summary judgment Under U.S. law, a defendant in a copyright infringement… , , , ,