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2018/10/30 17:19 Carlos Pedraza BINDERS FULL of Axanar receipts and invoices were scheduled to be on display for just two hours for Axacon attendees. Image/Axanar Productions Peters to Open A… ,
2018/10/23 15:44 Carlos Pedraza ‘SOUND’ FOOTING? Despite spending hundreds of thousands of donors’ dollars building his Industry Studios business, Axanar producer Alec Peters revealed his soun… , , , ,
2018/10/23 15:43 Carlos Pedraza Photo/Takashi Toyooka Part 2 Committee Reviews Only Part of Axanar's Finances Member’s Resignation Raises Questions About Group’s Independence, Expertise … , , ,
2018/10/23 15:43 Carlos Pedraza Cinematographer Milton Santiago (right) on the upstate New York set of Star Trek New Voyages, where the Axanar short, “Heroes,” was shot in November 2015. Photo… ,