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2018/08/23 15:26 Carlos Pedraza RED CARPET PREMIERE OWC Studios head Alec Peters says he wants to premiere the Axanar short films at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, four years after Prelude to Axana… , , ,
2018/08/21 19:55 Carlos Pedraza A crowd gathers to hear OWC Studios’ Alec Peters talk about the state of Axanar at the Atlanta Science Fiction and Fantasy Expo. Photo/Lee Benjamin (Facebook) … , , , ,
2018/05/08 18:19 Carlos Pedraza GARY GRAHAM reprised his role as Soval from Star Trek: Enterprise in both Prelude to Axanar and the ‘Vulcan Scene.’ Image/Axanar Productions Actors Cast Doubt … , ,
2018/05/08 18:14 Carlos Pedraza The Axanar Settlement Image/Axanar Productions Axanar Removes Public Fundraising Plea — Sort of Also Gone: Axanar’s Portrayal as a Nonprofit, Donor Store … , ,