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 ==== Watch '​Prelude:​ Redux' ==== ==== Watch '​Prelude:​ Redux' ====
-{{http://​www.trekzone.org/​global/​mirror/​ptaredux2.mp4|1280x600}} <wrap lo><​wrap lo>//​Video hosting courtesy Trekzone.org//</​wrap></​wrap>​+{{http://​www.trekzone.org/​global/​mirror/​ptaredux2.mp4|1280x600}} <wrap lo><​wrap lo>//​Video hosting courtesy ​[[http://​www.trekzone.org/​padd/​nwz/​articles/​2017/​20171113_01.htm|Trekzone.org]]//</​wrap></​wrap>​
 ===== Changes from Original ===== ===== Changes from Original =====