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 +/* Flawed Effort 
 +Weird pitch video release 
 +Puzzling switch from Kickstarter unexplained 
 +Typos never corrected two weeks in 
 +No updates 
 +Few outside public supporters apart from those in the pitch video 
 +Unclear business plan: People unconvinced by nonprofit promise; just paying your rent 
 +Lame perks 
 +Low-balled goal in order to convert to ongoing funding effort 
 +Perks they couldn't fulfill even if they had reached their goal 
 +Self-Inflicted Wounds 
 +Tie to Axanar (40 mentions in its Story). Dilemma: Peters and his studio were famous because of what seemed to be Axanar's proven crowdfunding appeal, but also infamous for the copyright infringement lawsuit that had resulted in new, restrictive fan film guidelines and wide acrimony amongst Star Trek fans during the franchise's 50th anniversary year. 
 +Time spent banning dissenters 
 +Tone of comments section 
 +Instead, failed to leverage its 109m Twitter followers or thousands of Facebook fans. 
 +Don't need the studio for Axanar Lite ™ 
 +Early indications he expected the campaign to not succeed. 
 +Risks and Challenges Grew ("stalwart" productions far from guaranteed to use the studio) 
 +Promise not to use money any other way sounded like he admitted doing so with Axanar's $1.7 million. 
 +Lack of transparency/financial report 
 +Where's RMB? 
 +Indiegogo's responsibility */