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 ====== Axanar Lite ====== ====== Axanar Lite ======
-**Axanar Lite** is a nickname for the shortened version of the //​Axanar// ​feature film. Prohibited from producing the featureAlec Peters and Axanar Productions are allowed under the terms of a legal settlement with CBS and Paramount Pictures to produce two 15-minute films comprising the Axanar story.+[{{ ::​prelude_partiii.jpg?​nolink&​300|**PART III** The short film, //Prelude to Axanar//, ​was fashioned as the third part of a five-part fictional Federation documentary,​ //The Four Years War//<wrap lo>​Image/​Axanar Productions</​wrap>​}}]
 +**Axanar Lite** is a nickname for the shortened version of the //Axanar// feature film.
 +Prohibited from producing the feature, [[Alec Peters]] and [[Axanar Productions]] are allowed under the terms of a legal [[axanar_settles|settlement]] with [[CBS]] and [[Paramount Pictures]] to produce two 15-minute films comprising the Axanar story.
 +The full name of the two films comprising the production, made in the style of a documentary,​ is //The Four Years War — Parts IV and V//. //[[Prelude to Axanar]]// was fashioned as Part III of the fictional Four Years War documentary. ​
 +**AxaMonitor** uses the nickname to differentiate the as-yet-unmade short films from the also-unmade feature-length //​[[Axanar]]//​.
 ---- ----
 <wrap right>​**Keywords** {{tag>​Axanar lawsuit settlement}}</​wrap>​ <wrap right>​**Keywords** {{tag>​Axanar lawsuit settlement}}</​wrap>​