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Gerrold Repudiates Axanar Slur
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===== Gerrold Repudiates Axanar Slur ====== [{{ ::david-gerrold-fb.jpg?&200|**SCIFI AUTHOR** David Gerrold, from his Facebook profile.}}] <WRAP box> {{:use... </wrap> \\ //**__Commentary__**// </WRAP> Author David Gerrold has repudiated a derogatory quote about me attrib... at really pisses me off. ’__**// — //Scifi author David Gerrold// </WRAP> Peters may not know that David Gerrold and I have been friends for 13 years (we collaborated on the t
GoFundMe Seeks $25K for Seuss-Trek Mashup Defense
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s, including Star Trek writer and Axanar advocate David Gerrold, in the copyright and trademark infringement suit... *Two Months Into Fundraising Effort, ComicMix and David Gerrold Face a Steep Hill to Meet Goal**// {{TOC}} {{pag... t case, including Trek author and Axanar advocate David Gerrold, are trying to raise $25,000 to fund their legal ... side, but Seuss' copyright claims survived. [{{ :david-gerrold-fb.jpg?nolink&150|**DEFENDANT** Axanar advocate, author David Gerrold <wrap lo>//Image/Facebook//</wrap>}}] ===== The
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olink|}}]] \\ <wrap lo>**DEROGATORY SLUR** Author David Gerrold has repudiated a derogatory quote about **AxaMoni... books for the screen. In Axanar's latest podcast David Gerrold, writer of "The Trouble with Tribbles," announced... p/index.html#!/en/thought-leadership/erin-ranahan-david-greenspan-named-rising-stars-by-law360.html?aj=ov... p/index.html#!/en/thought-leadership/erin-ranahan-david-greenspan-named-rising-stars-by-law360.html?aj=ov
Prelude to Axanar
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starter]]," Home Media Magazine, 7/28/14.)) [{{ :david-gerrold-fb.jpg?150|Scifi writer **David Gerrold** <wrap lo> (//Photo/David Gerrold Facebook profile//)</wrap>}}] Author [[david_gerrold|David Gerrold]], writer of "[[mema>The Trouble With Tribbles]]," and con
Defense, Plaintiffs Rebut Opposition to Summary Judgment
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is broke, plus a new angle on creative consultant David Gerrold//** {{TOC}} <WRAP> //**__ __**// <wrap lo>**By [[... ]]," a re-telling of Axanar creative consultant [[David Gerrold]]'s original series episode, "[[mema>The_Trouble_... (Docket 102.1 ¶64, p. 103, 12/5/16.)) [{{ :peters-gerrold.jpg?200|**David Gerrold** (right) on the unfinished //Axanar// set, with Alec Peters. <wrap lo>//Photo/Robert Meyer Burnet
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ul, I saw only scifi writer and Axanar advocate [[david_gerrold|David Gerrold]] dining with someone; David (whom I've known for... eting. <WRAP round right box 320px> <fs medium>**David Gerrold**</fs> <fs smaller>Stuff.</fs> </WRAP> Much has
Moving the Goal Posts?
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campaign described these costs as: [{{ ::peters-gerrold.jpg?250|**SCIFI AUTHOR** David Gerrold (right) toured the Ares bridge set with p... the Star Trek universe and beyond.</wrap> [[mema>David Gerrold]] (writer of "The Trouble with Tribbles") is alre... making from our veteran industry staff including David Gerrold (writing), Richard Hatch and Gary Graham (acting)
Axanar Piggybacks Convention atop SphinxCon
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previously announced guests [[Alec Peters]] and [[gerrold_repudiates|David Gerrold]].</wrap> </WRAP> [{{ ::alec_peters_sphi... ESTS** Pictured clockwise from upper left: Author David Gerrold, actor Steven Jepson, blogger Jonathan Lane, film
The Does
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name be removed from IMDb)) ... (story editor) \\ David Gerrold ... (creative consultant) \\ Christian Gossett ..... name be removed from IMDb)) ... (story editor) \\ David Gerrold ... (creative consultant) \\ Christian Gossett ..... Peters ... (story) | | March 2016 | //Axanar// | David Gerrold ... (creative consultant) \\ Christian Gossett ..
Axanar Aiming for Appeals Court Victory
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non-monetary support to the project. [{{ :axanar-gerrold.jpg?300|**FAMOUS WRITER** Scifi author David Gerrold recently discussed the project on which h... whom you all know." Curiously, he did not mention David Gerrold by name, even though he had repeatedly [[yout>9E4
Axanar Fan Convention Expected to Lose Money
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rek actors J.G. Hertzler, Gary Graham, and writer David Gerrold, fill out Axacon's celebrity roster. <wrap indent... .m. | {{::axaicon.jpg?nolink|}}Scripting Axanar | David Gerrold, Paul Jenkins, Alec Peters, Jonathan Lane | Crown... icon.jpg?nolink|}}Fan filmmaking vs. fan-to-pro | David Gerrold, John Adcox, Matt Green \\ Alec Peters | Crowne P
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tate against Star Trek writer and Axanar advocate David Gerrold and his partners for their so-called Seuss-Trek m... *WIN SOME, LOSE SOME** Axanar creative consultant David Gerrold scores some points in the trademark and copyright
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ith Broad Brush]] \\ {{::axamonitor-ico.gif?nolink|}} [[gerrold_repudiates|David Gerrold Repudiates Axanar Slur]] </tabbox>
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}}]] \\ <wrap lo>**TROUBLE FOR TRIBBLES CREATOR** David Gerrold, Axanar's creative consultant and advocate, is am
Text-Only 2017 Top 10 Axanar Stories
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COPYRIGHT/TRADEMARK SUIT against Axanar advocate DAVID GERROLD. ---- <WRAP tip 75%> <wrap em>COMMENTS</wrap> \\
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What's Up With the Perks?
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Axanar, Studios Settle Lawsuit
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Axanar Myths
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